Calabria Shaving Soap


5.00 out of 5

Shaving Soap Scent:
Bergamot and citrus blended with notes of olive leaf and jasmine, finished with cedar wood and white musk.


A Shaving Soap Experience

Shaving Soap Of the Gods


Description of Shaving Soap Scent:
Calabria is a beautiful new scent that is inspired by a cozy little town in Italy. This is a Bergamot & Olive Scented Soap. Bergamot is known throughout Europe and has that clean crisp notes that make you feel like you’re walking in the breeze. Bergamot and citrus blended with notes of olive leaf and jasmine, finished with cedar wood and white musk. This will be a perfect scent for that man that has it all.

Description of Shaving Soap:

Van Yulay makes a croap shaving soap, that is neither a cream or a hard puck, but in between.

Van Yulay shave soap whips up into a yogurt like, creamy lather in just a few minutes.  Formulated with a superior, protective cushion, we make each soap with your skin mind.  With that said, we incorporate quality, vitamin enriched, oils and butters, chosen specifically to hydrate your skin.

“Leaving your skin better than when we first met.”

Notice: These shave soaps are soft and heat-sensitive. Please keep this in mind, should you live in an extremely hot climate, with regards to product shipment.

How to use:

Soak your shave brush in a bowl or cup filled with hot water for a few minutes before your shave. Apply a warm, damp towel to your face (or splash face with warm water) to prep your face for shaving. Apply another hot towel to your face for a few seconds. After the brush has soaked, gently squeeze out excess water, still leaving the brush mostly wet. Apply the brush to the soap in fast, repeated circular motions to coat the brush bristles well.   Shave and rinse face thoroughly with cool water. For an optimal experience, finish with Van Yulay After Shave Splash then followed  After Shave Balm by Van Yulay.

Shaving Soap Contents:
· Squalane Oil – Squalane is an antioxidant, prevents UV damage and the formation of age spots, promotes cell growth and is antibacterial. Ideal for all skin types including dry, sensitive, oily and acne prone.

· Coconut Fatty Acid – excellent lathering and conditioning when used in shave soap.

Shaving Soap Ingredients:
Made with Aloe Vera, Stearic Acid, Coconut Fatty Acid, Glycerin, Castor Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut-Emu-Babassu-Squalane-Borage-Olive-Oils, Extracts, Sodium Lactate, Poly Quats,  Allantoin, Liquid Silk, Silica, Bentonite Clay, and Fragrance.

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Shave Soap Size

Sample Soap, 4. oz. Size

1 review for Calabria Shaving Soap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Romero

    I am proud that this is the first review of this awesome soap. I love that it performs as well as any other Van Yulay shave soap. The scent is spot on. you get the olive oil scent right from the tin, with the bergamot waiting on the background. As you bloom it, which doesn’t take long at all. Usually, after I finish a shower, I add some warm/hot water, and proceed to dry off. After a couple of minutes, loading it is so easy. Personally, I have had no trouble getting a good lather. It almost goes without saying. I got beautiful thick lather from a $20 badger, and it was consistent to my Boar, and even more so with my synthetic. As you lather, you get what I call “teased” by the Olive scent. As it is right there on the front. Nice and slick, and just a dream. Ive done 3 pass shaves (with, against, and across the grain), along with minor touch ups, and I still had enough to be able to go another 4 rounds. Absolute joy. As you rinse off, the bergamot comes in, and takes over. The 2 major points really complement each other. Post shave feel, is no less a joy. Skin feels smooth, and hydrated. Even after a full work day, skin feels amazing. I highly recommend this soap, as it isn’t overpowering. Crisp, and clean. give it a run, you won’t be disappointed.

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