Silicone Molds

Van Yulay offers three kind of silicone. One is for candle making & soap, or crafting. The other is food silicone. The food safe molds are not for baking in, but for impressions. Like candy, chocolate, fondant and many others. They can go in the oven for a few minutes but only at short burst. The soft 10 durometer is very flexible and is great for fondant and chocolate. The firm is for push molds.

Van Yulay also makes silicone molds. I can almost design anything within reason. If you have something in mind just email me
If I make an item for you it will listed in my Store. I sculpt most my items out of clay. The silicone that I use is top quality. Once you have used my silicone you will never go back to regular silicone again. It has been formulated to have super tear strength and is super soft. Yes I pay twice as much as other silicone makers. But in all reality if you have to keep buying the same mold over and over again.You are not getting ahead on buying cheap molds. Most of my molds have a smooth edge, which means that I do not trim the mold with scissors. I have found that when you do that you break the surface tension and allow for tears.

When I first started using silicone molds, I had a polyurethane mold. This was the worst experience ever. I could not get the strawberries out for anything and it left a white residue. With my hands and thumbs sore, I tried making my own. I bought some silicone that was cheap. It was soft alright but tore within a few uses. With polyurethane molds I really can’t see cutting them (Slit down the Side). In my opinion that makes no sense to cut molds to get them to demold. Since then, I have come a long way.

I have researched the silicone so that my customers have the softness that they need but have the durability you deserve. With my silicone being easy to use you do not have to struggle to get large pieces out of molds and do not have to worry about having sore thumbs at the end of the day. I take pride in the quality of silicone that I choose. This silicone is made out of quality product that has a great tear resistance and shelf life. You will get many castings out of them.

In addition to wax, you may cast lye or glycerin soap, resin, or plaster in them. Clean up is easy with soap and water. This mold can handle up to 425 degrees and won’t lose it shape, form or detail. Your wax pieces will literally pop right out of the mold. When a mold is sitting on your shelf for a long time, it is best to spray with silicone release or oil it up and seal in an air tight bag.

These Molds are not Bakeware. You can not bake in the molds.

All molds are poured to order. So returns are not negotiable. Your order is custom made poured for you. Then shipped.

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Making a Molds for Customers

When Van Yulay makes a mold for you. If you send an item to me or I design them out of clay. They will be listed for everyone to purchase including you.
If you would like them to be exclusive to your company (Designed for you only). There is a $50.00 design fee for each mold.

When my work is copyright protected?

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