Founded in 1999 by Monica Gillam. Van Yulay Skin Care Products is backed with 20 years of industry experience. As a woman I wash my hands all day long. Even more when my kids were little. My grandmother told me one day how her mother made her own soap. She said she would give anything to have some of that soap now. It was the most soothing soap ever. I had never thought of soap being soothing. She also said, “It’s scary wondering what all the chemicals are doing to us, little by little -every day by using them.” So I started making soap with Goat Milk. Wow what a difference! My grandmother was right- it is soothing. I give my whole business to my grandmother. Little did she know that I decided to help out with a 4 –H Gift Basket fund raiser? We made 100 baskets. The next week I had 30 orders for more. So Grandma (Ruth Klessen) I love you and you will forever be missed! As for the molds, I love sculpting with clay. I spend many hours just making detailed items. I can design almost anything within reason. I love making molds for candle makers and soap makers.I also have food grade silicone. We have chosen the best silicone out there. Van Yulay provides top-notch products with quality ingredients that you deserve, great customer support and prices that can’t be beat! Through our commitment, experience and expertise Van Yulay has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! Questions: Email: Monica Gillam Me1