A – Menthol Drizzle for Any Shaving Soap


Shaving Soap Scent:
Add a Menthol Drizzle to any Regular Soap

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Shaving Soap Of the Gods

“Menthol Drizzle”

Have you said to yourself, I would like this soap in menthol? This is a perfect solution, purchase a shave soap and the menthol drizzle. We hollow out a small portion of the soap then add a Menthol Drizzle over your shave soap. 

Description : 

If you like menthol during those hot months, Van Yulay will keep you cool with add a glycerin & menthol drizzle. This will keep you cool in the hot months!

Please purchase one for each soap being menthol.





Shave Soap Size

Sample Soap, 4. oz. Size


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