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Outdoor Sportsman


Outdoor Sportsman soap is specially formulated to be used in such experience of hiking, camping, and even more specifically for hunting. Our soap removes any human odor that animals may become wary of. Since animals have a very keen sense of smell Outdoor Sportsman soap will remove all human odors. This soap is also for daily showering that needs extra cleaning from excess exercise or needs more protection. Formulated with baking soda and anise to prevent wetness and odor.


Soap Ingredients


Goat Milk, Saponified Oils Coconut- Palm- Manteca -Veg -Olive- Emu – Grapeseed -Almond- Castor Oils, Shea Butter-Sugar, Honey, Salt, Glycerin, Anise, Tea Tree


Product Features


  • Hunters
  • Mineral Oil-Free
  • Sports Related
  • Laurel Sodium Sulfate-Free


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