Shaving Set Gift Box with Merkur 23 Razor


Scented Shaving Set includes

1 ~ 5. .oz Shave Soap
1 ~ 3.5. .oz After Shave Balm
1 ~ 4. .oz Bubble Bath or Splash
1 ~ 4. .oz Glycerin Soap
1 ~ 23 Merkur Razor
1 ~ Starter Brush or Pre Shave Oil


A gift basket for any person in your life that has it all. This is a unique box full of goodies for wet shaving . Included is a Merkur 23 Razor, perfect for a first time user. It has a starter brush if you don’t own one. Our shave soaps are super-fatted to achieve a rich, sudsy moisturizing lather. While leaving your skin clean and conditioned, supple and soft, and never dried out. Our truly superior soaps contain pure essential oils and organic herbs to create an excellent post feel complexion. Packed in a gift box with decorative paper shreds – you only need to wrap it.All products are perfect for that clean shave.

You will receive 6 items in your basket

Scented Shaving Set includes

1 ~ 4. .oz Shave Soap
1 ~ 3.5. .oz After Shave Balm
1 ~ 4. .oz Bubble Bath or Splash
1 ~ 4. .oz Glycerin Soap
1 ~ 23 Merkur Razor
1 ~ Starter Brush

Van Yulay Shaving soaps are the most Luxurious experience. We start with skin loving oils & skin loving clay’s to enhance your skin and to leave your skin better than when we met! All the soaps are formulated different in oils and added ingredients. Whip all soap with ease, no matter what your water source is. Add water to your brush whip up add a touch more water and shave. The later will be very cushiony and just the best lather you have ever tried. Thanks in advance for trying my soap and we look forward to your business.

Shaving Balm is a natural way when you treat your freshly shaved skin with this calming, moisturizing lotion. Made with an amazing combination of Argan & Abyssinian Seed Oil that hydrates while nourishes deep into your skin. With fast absorbing ingredients to protect your skin leaving you feeling smooth & healthy. Added tea tree will help against ingrown hairs & acne. Formulated with you in mind.

· Tea Tree – To prevent bacteria to grow & help with ingrown hairs.
· Argan- Provides a high content of vitamins & provide moisture
· Hydrolyzed Oats – Protective, moisture binding and coating on the skin.
· Holy Basil – Excellent to close pores and make an even tone

Water, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax, BTMS, Stearic Acid, Emu Oil, Glycerin, Abyssinian Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Allantoin, Par d Arco, Ylang-Ylang, Tea Tree, Hydrolyzed Oat, Holy Basil, Liquid Silk, Germaben II, and Fragrance.

Weight 39 oz
Gift Box Fragrance

***Regular Matching Soap Scents***, 1 Perfect Storm, Achilles, Aetlous, After Dark, Aphrodite, Aloha Kakahiaka, Arabian Nights, Aroma Divin, Artemis, An Oud to Jasmine, Bacchus, B2B, Bacon, Bay of Rose, Bay Rum, Black Cavendish, Black Dragon, Black Tea & Amber, Brandstof, Briseis, British Fern, British Gardens, Cafe con Leche, Carolina Classic, Cafe Vetyver, Calabria, Calypso, Cardamom & Cilantro, Cerulean, Cherry Tobacco, Chupacabra, Ciudad Del Aqua, Citrus Blast, Clarity, Classic Ride, Club Humidor, Code Piacenza, Cordial Cherries, Crystal Clear, Cucumber Fresh, Daisy Garden's, Death by Chocolate, Demeter, Dionysus, Down Under, Dress Bleu's, Dryads, Durham Green, El Barbero de Seville, Envy, Enter the Dragon, Eros, Flowers of the Island, Flora, Farhen, Fougere, Gaharu Rose, Gentle Sauvage, Glacier, Gnothi Sauton, Grand Lodge, Green Irish Tweed, Green Man, Guilty, Hephaestus, Hottie, House of Dior, Iced Coffee, Idzan, Into the Woods, Isabelle, Italian Wind, Irish Man, Jared, Jean, Keltic Forest, Key Lime Pie, Kirschbourbon, Kopenhagen, Kronos, Knights Passion, La Rive, Laundry Day, Lavender, Live and Let Shave, Love (Killian Love Type), Mango Tango, Mayan Man, Merc, Midnight Love, Midnight Orchid, Mint Julep, Miramir, Mocha Latte, Mountain Retreat, Mojito Slush, New York, Oh Baby, Oud to Jasmine, OrangeCran, Oudhwood, Papi's Pipe, Passion Rojo, Peace Love & Citrus, Peach Bellini, Petals De Rose, Peppermint White Russian, Poseidon, Priapus, Pineumpkin, Pure & Simple, Pumpkin Bread, Puros La Habana, Put De Lime in De Coconut, Rack Em Up, Raz Taz, Reggae Rumberry, Red Dawn, Relaxing, Rocio, Royal Oudh, Sandalwood, Sazerac, Sea Water Fun, Sea Oats, Seriously Lime, Sexy, Silver Mountain, Smoking Hot Pineapple, Smokey Mountain Whiskey, Spiced Mahogany, Spicey Bomber, Spring Citrus Basil, Spy who Shaved Me, Success, Summer Breezes, Sweet Autumn Pumpkin, ECWS Sweet Lemon Iced Tea, Tabak, Tabac De LaVal, Tabak, Tabakblume, Tobacco Polvoron, Troop 99, Unicorn Farts, Vanilla Oak, Venom, Vernazza, Vetyver, Viva La Love, Warm Vanilla Sugar, What's Up, When October Goes, White Lily & Amber, White Tea & Ginger, Windwalker, Woodstock, Ylang-Zu, Zephyrus, Zeus

Choose Brush or Pre Shave Oil

Pre Shave Oil, Starter Brush

Choose Bubble Bath Or Splash

Splash, Bubble Bath


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